Kozhikode, anglicised as Calicut is a city entwined in legends , heritage and picturesque natural beauty at its best. The land with sandy coastal belts forming the flagship beaches and lateritic midland enriched by the pleasant tropical monsoon climate.The classical antiquity of the middle ages has rendered Calicut the synonym “City of Spices”which has attracted guests from the far middle east as well as the west dating back to the early 7th century.

Most of the historical sources trace the roots of this city name to “Koyil Kota” , literally translated as the “City of Forts.” ruled by the Zamorins.From time memorial, this coastal city of North Kerala has attracted travellers and merchants due to its prosperity and sweetness, just like the ever famous Kozhikkoden Halwa.

As the good old saying goes, “Rivers are the lifelines of civilisation” and so is Calicut crowned by the perennial flow of Korapuzha  , Chaliyar and Kallayi River. The multi-ethnic and multi-religious diaspora of Calicut town is something worth mentioning that adds to the flavour of its Ghazal dusks.

National highways 66, 766 & 966 ensure proper connectivity of this port city with rest of Kerala and major cities of India.The nearest airport Calicut International Airport is at a convenient location, 26 km from the city heartland.

EMA Kerala is the official state wing of the Emergency Medicine Association.It is the officially recognised body of Emergency Medicine in Kerala,comprising of the MD/DNB fraternity of residents and consultants.The maiden conference of EM  Kerala was held at Thiruvanathapuram in January 2018.For the second EM Kerala conference happening on November 30th and December 1st 2019,we proudly welcome you to Calicut,the capital of erstwhile Malabar,where Calicut’s most prestigious medical institution awaits…